Electronic Health Record

Heallify EHR allows doctors to create, access patient health records instantly and securely.

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Track your Electronic health records

Electronic Health Record Features


Patient Case Sheet

Add patient case sheet details, symptoms, notes, diagnosis with few clicks.

E Prescription

Heallify allows doctors to create prescriptions lightning fast.

Order Diagnostic Test

Order diagnostic tests for your patients and view records.

Read Key Vitals

View and input key vitals shared by patients with you.

Send EHR To Patients

Send electronic health records to the patients directly to their app.
Manage your Electronic health records

AI Powered virtual assistant for doctors

Ava automates your appointment booking and streamlines your EHR, so that your doctor's can focus more on your patients.
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View Past Records

Know past health records for patients so you have access complete medical history which helps you to diagnose better.

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