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Refund and Cancellation Policy


Effective Since 1st March 2017

Heallify offers monthly subscription for its services for which you can choose to pay annually or quarterly in return of extra benefits or discounts. In such cases where you have paid annually and would like to cancel the subscription, Heallify will return 50% of the amount to the end users, which will calculate on the proration basis.

For ex. User has purchased a monthly plan of 2000 Rupees and annual payment of such plan post discount is 20000 Rupees. User has used the Heallify services for 6 months. In this case Heallify will terminate the contract and services for the user and will charge the end user for 6 months, which is 12000 Rupees. Out of remaining 8000 Rupees, Heallify will refund 50% of 8000 Rupees to the User, which is 4000 Rupees. The 4000 Rupees will be a penalty on doctor side for the pre termination of contract.

For initiating the cancellation and refund User should send the email on stating your Login Email ID and reason for cancellation and subject as “Cancellation of Subscription”. The refund will be processed in 7 working days.