I am Ava, your hospitals virtual assistant.

Ava automates your appointment booking and streamlines your EHR, so that your doctor's can focus more on your patients.

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Improve patient diagnostic time, reduce paperwork and provide simpler, smarter healthcare experience to your patients.


Less Time Behind a Computer

Automate patient appointment bookings, help to pre-diagnose symptoms and treatment and connect to right doctors.

Responsive 24/7

Our natural language processing technology answers patient questions 24/7.

Deploy Immediately

No downloads or installation required. We will integrate with your EHR and emulate your existing appointment booking and EHR workflow.
online appointment scheduling software

Less Typing, more focus on patients

Two-way secured text messages automate responses to patient FAQs and scheduling, eliminating phone calls from your daily workflow.

Get Automated Reminders to Patients

Send automatic reminders to patients

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